Foraged Core Values

Our commitment to our community, our planet, and our health.

Empowering Foragers

At Foraged, we view foraging not only an important role in supporting, promoting and defending the health of all plants, fungi, algae, animals (including humans) and the habitats/environments but also as means of allowing humans to engage with nature in a meaningful way. We actively encourage foraging to be an inclusive opportunity that treats all participants, regardless of age, race, religion, gender, or capability with respect. As a company, we commit to providing guidance to allow foragers to gather in a ways that are fun, safe, and sustainable while also providing a platform that allows foragers to share their passion to those across the country.

Supporting Family Farms

As family farms shrink, we want to use Foraged as means of helping these pillars of their communities continue to operate and provide value for the family owners and the areas which they operate. By working with family farmers we believe that we can tap into the wisdom of local agricultural experts to best understand how mushrooms can provide a healthy, exciting, and sustainable option to consumers, and provide the platform that allows farmers to reach those consumers.

Practicing Sustainability

With economic and climate changes, understanding that we as humans need to be thoughtful in the way which we treat our environment. At Foraged, we are committed to providing high quality mushroom products that are grown in a way that is environmentally friendly and does not diminish the long term capabilities of farmers or the planet to continue to produce for years to come.

Encouraging Creativity

At Foraged we know that the value of a mushroom can be practically limitless. We want to encourage both our sellers and buyers to explore unique ways that mushrooms can provide value. Whether that be using mushrooms in a recipe, drinking mushroom tea, growing your own mushrooms, or doing something that hasn’t been discovered yet, we want all mushroom enthusiasts to use Forge as a way to celebrate this unique plant.

Prioritizing Health

Foraged understands that why people seek mushrooms can vary from person to person. We want to be a beacon for demonstrating the healthy values that mushrooms can bring to a person’s life. From using mushrooms as a source of nutrition in meals and as supplements to foraging as an outdoor activity for exercise, we at Foraged will highlight all the amazing ways mushrooms can improve your quality of life.

Valuing Kindness

We are ecstatic about mushrooms and want to share our excitement with our community and you. Ultimately, we know that not everyone will be as euphoric but we still strive to be a welcoming community. At Forged, we want to build a legacy of using our resources to better the lives of those around the world to create a more loving and compassionate planet for everyone. 

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