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Fresh seasonal wild mushrooms direct from forests across North America. Foraged is reinventing Forest-to-Table food.

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What is Foraged?

A dedicated community

Foraged is the only online marketplace dedicated to wild foods. We bring passionate people together to buy and sell wild foods and specialty products

Supporting small-scale

We support farmers, foragers, and food artisans by providing a platform for small-scale producers to connect with customers and grow their businesses

Trust and expertise

We work with certified foragers and expert small-scale producers. You feel good purchasing foods directly from the source.

Come see what's in our neck of the woods.

Be specific...

Please put the amount that you have (in pounds, oz, bottles, other units etc) in the description and in the Inventory section. This helps buyers know how much you have right away and makes them more inclined to buy your product.

Please have a PER UNIT pricing for all mushrooms. Buyers don’t have time to negotiate and will not buy from you if you don’t put this information. For example: $30/pound or $12/ounce.

Lastly, please include the shipping price in your product price if you don’t want to set up shipping. Foraged has a flat rate of $7.99 for shipping if you choose not to setup your shipping for your store. Buyers are not responsible for paying you an additional price for shipping unless specified.

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