Wild Mushrooms

Foraged is the only place where you can easily buy wild mushrooms directly from certified foragers – and have them shipped right to your door. In fact, we started Foraged because we had such a hard time trying to purchase gourmet wild mushrooms to cook at home. Browse the variety of wild mushrooms available on the Market, and check out all the resources we offer to learn more about the different species and how we are committed to sustainable foods.

Chanterelles and Other Wild Mushrooms

Like Milk Caps, Lobsters, Chicken of the Woods and more.

Chanterelle season is coming soon!

Be the first to know when foragers list Chanterelles for sale.  Sign up below and get early access to the first edible wild mushrooms of the season:
Chanterelle mushrooms

Wild mushrooms coming soon:



Oyster mushrooms

Chicken of the woods

Hen of the woods

Porcini/King Boletes

Lion’s mane


Black trumpet

Lobster mushrooms

Morel mushrooms

Chanterelle mushrooms

Functional Wild Mushrooms

Like Reishi, Turkey Tail and Chaga that support your immune system


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