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Wild Mushrooms are something Hunter Le Duc has been interested in since her first foray as a little girl. She was always fascinated by how unusual and diverse the mushrooms were that her father (one of the founding members of the Illinois Mycological Association) would bring home and present to her mother to cook .  Growing up in the northern suburbs of Chicago foraging opportunities were limited but dining opportunities were not and Hunter was able to dine with her parents and others at the finest French and later more eclectic restaurants Chicago and the surrounding area had to offer.   It was here she got a taste of the quality, freshness and often exoticness of the food high end and farm to table chef’s offer and crave to work with.     Hunter now lives along the Rock River in Northern Illinois where she has room to grow Shiitake mushrooms on Oak logs, edible flowers and more. She has made it a point to secure access to private lands where she can legally forage for mushrooms, asparagus, wild plumbs, ramps, spruce tips and more .  She has recently married into a family with a farm in North Central Wisconsin allowing her to expand her offerings and further develop her “brands” – Moira’s Magic Dust and Happy Hunting.  In addition to being a member of a handful of Mycological Societies, Hunter(under her name prior to marriage) is certified as a Wild Mushroom Expert by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.   Hunter teaches Mushroom Collection and Identification classes as well as classes on the interdependence of plants and fungi, and the cultivation of Shiitake mushrooms on logs.  Hunter can help you with species id and to learn about the foraging potential available on your property.

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Dried Turkey Tail – Trametes versicolor 3 oz.


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Dried Turkey Tail- Perfect to use in teas or tinctures

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 4 in

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