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Fresh wild Turkey Tail mushrooms (trametes versicolor) sustainably harvested in upstate New York and dried in small batches, whole or in chunks. 

Turkey Tail mushrooms come in a variety of beautiful colors and these mushrooms have been hand-picked, sorted and dried intact to show off the different natural color patterns and designs. 

Turkey Tail mushrooms are commonly used in medicinal teas, tinctures and extracts; they have been used in traditional Eastern medicine for thousands of years and have been the subject of several modern studies which suggest that these mushrooms have immuno-stimulant and anti-tumor properties.  Turkey Tails can also be used to make blue and green dyes for wool and other fabrics, and are sometimes used by artists, jewelers and craftsmen for decorative purposes. 

The mushrooms are dried whole or in medium-sized pieces and stored in zip lock bags.   Free shipping in the continental U.S.  Price is listed per dried ounce. 

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