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Hedgehogs are a great all around mushroom. They’re cousins of chanterelles. They seem to get overshadowed by the more widely available golden chanterelles, since they fruit at around the same time. They’re really great though, even easy to cook.

Culinary wise, hedgehogs are similar to golden chanterelles. The flavor of hedgehogs compared to chanterelles is different though. Where golden chanterelles have a flowery-apricot scent, hedgehogs have a meaty, more traditional mushroom flavor. But It’s a subtle difference, and for most any preparation you would use a chanterelle, you could use a hedgehog.

One way to cook them is simply, fried in butter, but they pair wonderfully with cream like most mushrooms. Just like golden chanterelles you can cook hedgehogs whole when they aren’t too large, since part of what makes them great is their shape.

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