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Dried Butter-foot Bolete Mushroom Halves


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Coming to you straight from the North Woods of Minnesota… Butter-foot Boletes! (Boletus Auripes)

These boletes were responsibly harvested, sliced in half, and dried on the day of harvest to ensure the fresh flavor didn’t fade with time.

All of these boletes were harvested young so the texture is fantastic and the colors are still bright. These are a pleasantly fragrant mushroom with a light earthy flavor.

As with all wild edibles, if you have never had the pleasure of eating these before, I highly recommend eating a sample size amount the first time to ensure that you don’t have a food allergy.

The mushrooms will be sealed in glass jars until the time of purchase. I will transfer them into food grade bags for shipping. When you receive your mushrooms you can either leave them in the bag until you are ready to cook them, or you can transfer them back into an air tight glass jar and store out of direct sunlight.

Each order will contain 1.2-1.4 oz of dried boletes. Since these are all young, the order will be roughly 20 mushrooms (40 halves).

The mushrooms are NOT washed prior to dehydrating. When you rehydrate the mushrooms use a soft bristle brush to gently remove any spores or small leaf particles prior to cooking.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me with them. I’m always happy to help.

Happy hunting!!

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