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Fresh Cauliflower Mushroom


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Sold by:  Mushbloom Gardens
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Athens, OH, US
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Fresh Cauliflower mushroom from Ohio! This unique noodle mushroom can be used in a variety of dishes, we recommend checking out Forager Chef’s blog for some of the best ways to prepare it. Due to how it grows, sometimes they can be pretty clean, but most times they need a good bit of cleaning, which usually can’t be done without taking the mushroom apart, we’d rather you get to hold it in as few pieces as possible, so we’ll do what we can but this one you’ll probably have to clean up some yourself. Forager Chef also has some great tips on how to do that.

We won’t send you anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves, and as foragers and farmers with consistent access to delicious mushrooms, we’re fortunate enough to get to be picky!

All shipments are handled by Cameron, who is Wild Mushroom Safety Certified and ServSafe Manager Certified. Food safety and product quality are extremely important to us to get your mushrooms to you as cold and secure as possible. We refrigerate your mushrooms before sending to you to get it to a food safe temperature. This can add a full day to the processing time, but will guarantee no time-temperature abuse, especially during warmer months. 

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