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Four Gold Kist Apricot Cuttings


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Sold by:  Healthy Harvesters
5 out of 5
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Huntington Beach, CA, US

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Gold Kist Apricot Tree Cuttings

The Gold Apricot Tree is an excellent backyard apricot for warm winter climates. Freestone, very good quality. It is also heavy bearing.  

This ad is for four (4) fresh cuttings taken from a very healthy mother tree that has a large quantity of super sweet apricots every year. (See Photo)


Apricot trees are usually propagated vegetatively to maintain the desirable genetic characteristic of the parent. Trees can be propagated from cuttings or by budding and grafting. Cuttings are lengths of stem usually taken from the previous years growth of an established tree. Cuttings are taken in late winter or early spring and rooted so that they produce a whole new tree. 

General Care 

Apricots should be pruned annually and are generally trained to an open center. Annual pruning encourages new fruit spurs. When the tree is bearing fruit, it is important to thin the fruits to leave 3 or 4 per cluster. This allows fruits to become larger and prevents the tree from reducing production the following year. Trees should be watered regularly during the growing season to aid with fruit development. During dry periods, water trees every 10 to 14 days. Apply water deeply and widely, to at least the width of the canopy. Trees will also benefit from the application of a nitrogen fertilizer in Spring.

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