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The mission for Primordial Foraging and Fruits is to ensure plant and fungal relatives persist and grow their populations for future generations.
Our store is a source for humans to connect and care for the Appalachian Landscape. Our sourcing practices stem from our close mentors in the wild tending field. 

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Floyd, VA, US

Wild Leeks/ Ramps (lb.)


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Floyd, VA, US
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One of the most sought after harbingers of spring for being a rare, wild delicacy in the allium family. It’s common to hear their other name, wild leeks, in the northern states. Loved for their flavor dense vitamin C, antioxidant, sulfur compound content, and much more.

They taste like a combination of garlic, chives, and onion. Ramps can be eaten raw, sautéed, made into pesto, And as a replacement for onions in any recipe. They are sustainably harvested from a robust population in Floyd, VA, by taking one leaf per plant.

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