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Healing Ecosystems is a non-profit organization born from a love for nature through the avenues of foraging, organic gardening & permaculture. Our mission is to support ecological systems and community mental health by empowering people to regeneratively steward their bioregions. Product sales go directly toward funding this mission. We are currently gathering and distributing data on wild edibles as a regenerative food source for people in need. We are also creating and studying systems for managing invasive species through foraging & promoting biodiversity. Enjoy some tasty knotweed and be part of the mission!

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Fresh Japanese Knotweed Shoots


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Sold by:  Healing Ecosystems
0 out of 5
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Marshall, NC, US
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Japanese knotweed shoots (Reynoutria japonica) are a delicious and versatile wild food that lends itself to being pickled, added to savory dishes or made into sweet deserts like sorbet. We harvest our knotweed shoots from the pristine mountains north of Asheville, NC during their peak growing season, which only lasts about a month. The key to tasty knotweed is harvesting young, meristematic shoots for optimal texture. Most people prefer them peeled to fully reveal their lemony, rhubarb-like flavor. Knotweed is a beautiful vegetable with considerable nutritional benefits. 

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