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Fresh Wild Burdock Root – Harvested from New York’s Finger Lakes Region


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Burdock is best known for its general ability to help one’s physiology run smoothly. This is because of Burdock’s unique combination of medicinal qualities:

  •  – Inulin is a soluble fiber that gut bacteria love, inhibiting growth of harmful strains while fostering the helpful ones. Burdock contains over 50% inulin, as well as other Prebiotic factors.
  •  – Burdock is dense in powerful antioxidants, which are like chemical swiss-army knives for your cells. Antioxidants are crucial in almost every cellular process, and keeping stocked with antioxidants ensures your cells have the right tool for the job when they need it.
  •  – Burdock helps build strong, elastic skin. Consuming burdock has been shown improve the health of one’s skin microbiome.

Only the strongest survive in the wild. Wild-harvesting ensures each plant is the strongest; only the most productive, healthiest plants are able to make the cut. If you believe that “you are what you eat,” then you should see the difference wild-harvested foods can make in your diet!

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