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Dried Seaweed – Egg Wrack/Knotted Wrack – 2 oz


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5 out of 5
 135 Sales
Bangor, ME, US
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Dried Egg Wrack a.k.a Knotted Wrack Seaweed (2 oz)

Probably the mildest seaweed you will find, egg wrack is very versatile. It can be rehydrated and fried, placed as is in a soup/stew, or pickled for a nice snack!

Egg rack has a mild flavor which works really well for people who aren’t very fond of “sea” taste but want the benefits of consuming seaweed. Very nutritious and an excellent addition/substitute to many recipes. It has a nice texture that is much like many common vegetables – a good firm texture. Give it a shot if you haven’t yet! 

Not only is egg wrack great nutritionally, it can be used to steam vegetables while adding iodine and a slight salty taste. It is also very beneficial used in a bath to cleanse/soften your skin!

Our egg wrack is sourced from clean ocean water away from high traffic and pollution. It is then dried and chopped so it is ready for you to use however you would like. Enjoy!

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