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Datura Inoxia Moonflower Bush dry flowers 15g


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Dried Datura Inoxia dry leaves Moonflower Bush for Incense and Herbal Healing.

Datura Inoxia, Angel trumpet, Sacred Datura, or Prickly berry.

This Datura herb has been used in herbal medicine, Datura tincture, as well as religious purposes. 

PRODUCT INFORMATION: 🌱Datura Inoxia is whole, dried, Datura Inoxia flower (15g.)

FLOWER – are complete/whole  

*Harvest dates: Feb – Sept.

*Dried in a temperature-controlled environment

*Organically grown 100%


Allowed to dry in its natural state in a temperature control environment. Our drying process is never rushed by the use of untraditional methods such as ovens

No added dye or preservatives. Each flower dry’s naturally.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

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