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Organic Top-Set Egyptian Walking Onion


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This homestead variety of onion has been a quiet star of the country garden for more than a century! It’s got as many names as uses, but is often called the Egyptian Walking Onion or All-Season Onion. All parts of the plant are edible and if the ground isn’t frozen solid, there’s a good chance part of it is available and in season! Instead of regrowing from a bulb every year, this variety forms top-sets at the end of it’s long hollow stalks in late spring and sometimes THOSE top-sets make thier own top-sets as well- all of which eventually root upon falling over, giving the onions the ability to ‘walk’ through the garden. 

 The greens make wonderful scallions, and the top set bulbs have a rich but not over-powering flavor. Buy extra and set aside a batch of homemade cocktail onions for perfect gifts and garnishes, or even tuck a few bulbs in the corner of your fall garden now and establish your own patch of this pioneer kitchen favorite!

These are grown in my organic garden from a handful of bulbs sourced from an old home-site in the 1980’s.

(This listing is for 4 ounces with shipping included. Additional 4 ounce units can be purchased at the same time to the same address for an additional $5/per 4oz up to two pounds total.)

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