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This is a doubly Lions Mane Spagyric extract. A Spagyric extract is similar to a standard ethanol maceration except instead of discarding the marc after maceration, a chemically and holistically highly important step is added. This step is to calcine the herbal marc and retrieve the unique Mineral Salt profile that comes from breaking down the carbon-carbon bonds during the calcination. These mineral salts alkalize the acidic decoction and provide a more neutral solution (slightly alkaline) to be absorbed by the body. It is similar to adding salt to water in efforts to alkalize and mineralize and reduce free radicals, however this salt is unique to the mushroom or other herbal substrate, and the solution is also unique to the herbal substrate, thus a unique and truly more complete holistic expression of the herb can be extracted and used. To see more info about spagyric medicine please visit my website at

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