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We are a small country mushroom farm dedicated to bringing mushrooms and knowledge to everyone we can about fungi!

Our products are harvested at peak freshness, weighed, then shipped out in recycled material. All of our homegrown mushrooms are grown on masters mix inside as to avoid any kind of insects. Fresh mushrooms will dry out some during shipping (10 to 25% of the original weight) but don’t worry they cook up great! 

We have a certified mushroom identification expert on staff to confirm the species of all of our foraged mushrooms. Our foraged mushrooms are field cleaned and then gone through by a certified food handler to find only the best quality mushrooms.

All of our dehydrated products are dried until cracker crisp (2-3 days) then immediately vacuum sealed to keep out moisture. 

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Golden oyster


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Gold oyster is a tropical strain that produces gorgeous clusters of bright yellow caps that when cooked, have a mild nutty flavor and aroma that pairs well with most dishes.

As always our mushrooms are harvested at peak freshness then weighed and shipped. It is possible that your product dried out some in transit (10 to 25% of the original weight). If the edges are a bit off color or dry don’t worry they cook just fine.

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

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