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Birch Polypore – Fomitopsis betulina


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A wild harvested ‘highly evolved’ triply extracted Birch Polypore Advanced Organic Spagyric Extract (AOSE). Extracted via decoction, via vacuum soxhlet, via mineral extraction/ calcination. An AOSE plant medicine is a truly novel medicine that goes above and beyond common full spectrum generic ethanol based tinctures. AOSE include not only the plants volatile terpenes and other essential aromatic phytocompounds, as do most tinctures, but they include the entire range of mineral salts contained by the plant. Mineral salts provide nutritional quality to the elixir in a form that provides electrolytes to the tincture, increasing its alkalinity and its Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP is a major factor contributing to bioavailability) potentiating its overall effects, with decreased dosage necessity, and decreased side effects. AOSE are truly powerful plant medicines and with a Birch Polypore undergoing the AOSE process we are sure to have a highly effective natural medicine. See more at JDs Pharmacopeia.com . Do your own research on your plants. I just make really good medicine. I cannot tell you what is right for you. Consume at your own risk. 

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