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Bunashimeji is very popular mushroom in Japan. It is called “beech mushrooms” because they often grow on fallen beech trees.

Bunashimeji has a nutty, buttery flavor, and a firm, crunchy texture. The mushrooms grow in clusters and produce tender caps. Our Brown Beech mushrooms have been formulated to be less bitter than traditional Bunashimeji. Still, western palettes will probably best enjoy the brown beech after cooking, which mellows the flavor. Try this specialty mushroom baked, steamed, or sauteed in olive oil.

Certified Organic, ready to eat. Leave in the bag until ready to cook and they will last for 2-3 weeks in your refrigerator. Each bag weighs approximately 4 ounces, the weight on the bag is the minimum weight, not the actual weight. We weigh each order on a certified scale, so you definitely get what you pay for, sometimes a little more.

Cook before consuming. Never consume mushrooms raw.

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