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Lobster Mushroom

Appropriately named for the cooked crustacean they resemble, lobster mushrooms are reddish/orange and white in color. As a matter of fact, they are actually a mushroom that gets taken over by another fungus, called Hypomyces. Hypomyces envelopes the host mushroom completely, altering their appearance and taste. This transformation produces a beautiful new fungus with a bolder flavor profile. The mushrooms that the mold attaches itself to are predominantly Lactarius and Russula species.

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Lobster Mushroom Taste

Lobster mushrooms have a mild, sweet taste, faintly reminiscent of seafood. When cooked, they give off beautiful orange and yellow hues to the foods they accompany. Heavy, white-fleshed mushrooms are best, and delicious when sauteed in butter or oil. If they are brown inside, they should be discarded. They can also be dried and rehydrated, or pickled to preserve their flavor. It’s worth noting that they should not be soaked in water to clean, as they will 

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Lobster Mushroom Health Benefits

Lobster mushrooms are rich in iron, which aids in supplying oxygen to your blood and muscles. They also contain dietary fiber, which is great for digestion. In addition, they contain other nutrients like selenium, vitamin B, zinc, and potassium.

Lobster Mushroom Near Me

With their beautiful hue, these mushrooms pop on the forest floor. The best ones are heavy and firm; light, brown, and soft lobster mushrooms are no longer good to harvest and eat. This is also true if they have a strong fishy smell – lobsters should have a mild scent in their prime.
Lobster mushrooms also have an uneven, lumpy appearance caused by the parasite invading the host mushroom. They grow on the floor of hardwood and coniferous forests. Prime season is mid-summer into autumn, depending on the region and they are commonly found in the Pacific Northwest and most Northern states as they ten to like a slightly cooler environment.

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