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Black Trumpet Mushroom

Black Trumpet mushrooms are regarded as one of the most delicious and versatile wild mushrooms to cook with. They can serve as a center-plate protein in risottos, dynamic color additions to salads, and delicious toppings for fish - just to name a few. Black trumpets can be found quite commonly across many regions of the US and Canada, thriving in moist, shady wooded areas from late spring to early summer. Try them yourself - Foraged has beautiful black trump mushrooms for sale from foragers across the country!

Black Trumpet Mushrooms For Sale

What are Black Trumpet Mushrooms?

Black trumpets are funnel shaped fungi, often colored as brown, black, or grey. Edges of the top of the mushrooms are rolled outwards and curvy, almost like a blossomed flower, and the bottom of the mushroom caps are smooth or slightly wrinkled. The stems are usually the same color or slightly lighter than the cap. It is thin, hollow and easily broken. Certain types of Black Trumpets will have small bumps on the inside of the funnel. These mushrooms do not have any visible spore releasing structures though their spore print is a pinkish color.

Cooking Black Trumpet Mushrooms

Black Trumpets are considered one of the tastiest known with a deep, smoky flavor that is unrivaled. This strong flavor makes them a great flavor profile for anything that doesn’t have a strong flavor to it already, including soups, sauces, seafood and pastas. Additionally, black trumpet mushrooms can be dried while still maintaining their flavor, making it easy to store for year round cooking. Like most mushrooms, Black Trumpets are a great source of healthy vitamins including B12 and are great for promoting healthy skin, weight loss, and reducing cholesterol.

View our recipe library for ideas on cooking your own black trumpets: Black Trumpet Risotto

Where to find Black Trumpets

If you’re looking for Black Trumpets, the best time of year to look is the middle of the summer, though they have been reported around California through the winter. Generally, they grow in wet and shady areas. If you find yourself near small pools or streams of water or near mossy areas, Black Trumpets might be in the vicinity. Although they do not grow on wood, they can often be found near the base of trees or fallen wood. One of the challenges with locating these mushrooms is there dark color makes them difficult to see. At times the mushrooms have been known to grow under fallen leaves. As they tend to grow in clusters, if you find one, take a look around the area to see if there are any more. Black Trumpets can often be confused for The Devil’s Urn, which is similar in color and structure, with a hollow middle and inside. However, The Devi’s Urn looks more like a cup compared to the funnel structure of the Black Trumpet. The Devil’s Urn is also not poisonous, but also not as tasty as the trumpet. 

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