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Perishable Shipping Handbook

How to list a perishable product with overnight shipping

Watch this quick tutorial presented by Foraged co-founder Andy on how to list a perishable product in no time!

Perishable Product Quick Tips

1) Harvest your product as close to the shipping date as possible. The fresher the better.

2) Always use UPS Next Day Air for your live rates for the store to ship perishable items. Here’s a great article on how to add it to your store in just a few clicks if you haven’t already. We recommend only using Live Rates for perishable products and using Free Shipping for items that are not fresh or frozen.

3) Next, add your perishable product and check the box next to Live Rates during the listing process after filling in the important information like the price, description, title and category:

4) We have listed some recommended packages below to assist in your packaging process.

5) Once you are ready to ship your first order, make sure to follow one of our helpful articles on how to ship your perishable item:

Need help with shipping perishables?

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Perishable Shipping Supplies

We highly recommend using the following cost-effective supplies to help you in shipping your fresh/frozen products. 

Click an image to purchase any of the supplies. 

For keeping things cold

Leakproof Dry Ice Packs

For frozen goods and produce

Insulated Foil Liners

For anything fresh/frozen

Cubic Corrugated Boxes

For fresh mushrooms and produce

download (3)
Wax Produce Boxes

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