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Welcome to your Foraged Experiences(Beta) dashboard. We are incredibly excited to offer this new feature to our community!

Here you can find all the information you need to list your own incredible experience for the world to see. Have a unique way of preserving or pickling that you’ve always wanted to teach? How about a passion for leading your own walk in the woods? With Foraged Experiences, you can easily list any kind of event, class or tour – you name it! 

Physical or virtual. Near or far. Enrich the world!

Experiences (Beta) Feedback

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I add an Experience?

It's easy! You can list your Experience just like you would add any other product, but just a couple more steps:

Simply go to the Add Product page and check the box near the product title labeled "Experiences". Fill out the description thoroughly to describe your awesome experience, and then add it to the Experiences category. Add a location and fill out the Experience section and you are good to go!

Need some help? We've made vendors a really easy step-by-step guide on How to List an Experience on our Help Center if you get stuck.

I have an Experience that is on a certain date. How do I add that?

No problem! Lots of vendors want to offer a one-time Experience on a certain date due to restricted availability. It's really easy to do.

First, list your Experience like you normally would by checking the box titled "Experiences" and filling out your listing to be as detailed as possible. Make sure to include the Date and Time information in your listing description so customers know exactly when it is. You will also be able to specify a date and time in the Experience section towards the bottom of the page.

After you do that, simply fill out the other details like location and inventory and click Submit to publish the listing.

I have a virtual Experience I would like to offer like an online class/event. How do I set that up?

We love virtual events! Listing them is extremely easy. Here is a great article on how to list a virtual Experience.

If your Experience is virtual, or online, then post an experience like you normally would by selecting the "Experiences" box near the Product Title on the Add Product page in the Seller Dashboard. If the virtual event is on a certain date or time, make sure to add that information in the description and the Experience section towards the bottom of the Add Product page.

You can send the customers a link to your virtual Experience by including it in the body of the ticket email that you can preset in the Experiences section of the Add Product page. Need some help? Check out our awesome article linked above in the first sentence of this section.

I have an Experience that is on multiple dates. How do I add them?

At this time, Foraged Experiences does not offer support for multiple exact dates. No need to fret! Simply add them each as their own listing, with each one having its own date and time.

I would like to message all of my attendees at once. How can I do that?

It's always a good decision to be on top of communications with your attendees in case something comes up prior to the scheduled event. One way to contact customers is to download a CSV of all of the attendees of the Experience. Here is a great article on how to do just that.

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