Freelance Social Media & Content Coordinator

If you enjoy food, nature, brand building, social media, and all things digital marketing – we’d love to hear from you. 

Even better if: you’ve worked with food & beverage brands, you love social media + social media marketing, and you have experience creating digital marketing strategies. 

Any of these ring a bell with you? Let’s chat! 

We’re looking for a social media guru to help grow our brand’s online presence. We’ve bootstrapped everything so far, and your role will bring life to the brand and generate awareness for the business.

The Company

Foraged is a community marketplace that enables people to share their love of creating and enjoying specialty and wild foods.

Our mission is to create an alternative to the current industrial agricultural system, so people can access unique foods and know exactly where their food comes from while fostering meaningful connections between farmers, foragers, artisans, and their communities. 

How Foraged is Transforming Food

We make wild and specialty foods more accessible by enabling you to purchase hard-to-find foods directly from small-scale farmers and certified foragers. They list it, you buy it, it’s shipped right to your door — with unmatched traceability. You can also shop locally!

Buying directly from producers supports small businesses and creates jobs. Plus, Foraged sellers uphold the highest standards of sustainability and ethical agricultural practices, so you’re supporting the positive transformation of the food system.

Foraged empowers food entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by connecting them with customers worldwide while offering them powerful tools to make the sales process seamless. Chefs and food enthusiasts benefit too, getting exclusive access to ingredients previously unavailable to them.

Foraged is transforming food by enabling food to go from Forest-to-Table, which improves food quality, sustainability, and traceability.

Read more about us here:

The Opportunity

You’ll get results quickly. We already have an engaged instagram audience, and you’ll have the opportunity to take our social media accounts to the next level.


  • Experience planning, designing, and creating social media content for a business
  • Interest in, and knowledge of, natural/wild/organic foods (rare foods like mushrooms and truffles is a plus), or willingness to learn deeply about these topics
  • Passion for telling people’s stories, and passion for food
  • Experience working in social media for other food and beverage companies
  • Positive attitude
  • Native English speaker


  • Planning social media content schedule (Instagram & TikTok)
  • Become familiar with natural foods/mushrooms/wild foods landscape on social media – including other creators and businesses
  • Creating social media content – visuals & text
  • Identifying and coordinating with influencers/creators for collabs, crossposting etc.

Potential Responsibilities:

  • Writing website content for SEO/marketing purposes

Time commitment: 

  • 5-10 hours/week

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Foraged Core Values

Encouraging sustainability and proper conduct for all team members.

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