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A community marketplace that enables people to share their love of creating and enjoying specialty and wild foods.

Our Mission

To create an alternative to the current industrial agricultural system, so people can access unique foods and know exactly where their food comes from while fostering meaningful connections between farmers, foragers, artisans, and their communities. 

We are the dedicated marketplace for high-quality specialty and wild foods from farms and forests around the world. We only work with small-scale growers and certified foragers because we believe that when you know where and how your food was harvested, you’re able to make better decisions for yourself, your community, and your planet.

Join the Forest-to-Table movement.

Our Story

How Foraged Got Started


The Forager/Farmer

Certified mushroom forager.
Published nature photographer.
Steward of the environment.

Andy is a passionate wilderness enthusiast, traveling nature photographer, freelance website developer and certified mushroom forager.  Though he was legally allowed to sell the wild mushrooms he picked on his private property around Asheville, he had no outlet to sell his wild mushrooms and mushroom products. 

He and his friends in the foraging community sometimes go to farmers markets to sell, but that requires a lot of time, energy, and physical cost. Others like them occasionally try to sell to restaurants, but the networking and sales efforts required are prohibitively high and not always rewarding – the system is broken. 

Andy had an honest goal – to build close connections with others and share his wonderfully wild harvests with the community – both near and far. As a full-time website designer/engineer – he knew there had to be a better way to execute this dream.

Frustrated as a seller, Andy quickly realized a fundamental issue: foragers face a problem trying to sell their goods because it’s difficult to find customer outlets to sell into, and the process requires significant effort.


The Culinary Enthusiast

Sustainability professional.
Passionate cook.
Farm to table advocate.

Jack is passionate about cooking — despite his lackluster NYC apartment kitchen. He, like millions of others, has been trying to reduce the amount of red meat he consumes as a means of helping the environment and exploring new substitute ingredients.

Mushrooms are his top choice for meat alternatives. He quickly grew tired of the portobello mushrooms offered at his grocery, though, and sought new varieties of mushrooms to cook with. Even though he was willing to search, he struggled to find them. 

Jack is a sustainability professional and seeks to live a sustainable lifestyle – part of which involves knowing where his food comes from. Living in NYC, it’s nearly impossible to make connections to individual food producers and purchase their ingredients directly.

Frustrated as a buyer, Jack quickly realized a fundamental issue: culinary enthusiasts face a problem trying to purchase specialty mushrooms from traceable sources because no readily available outlets exist. 

Our Solution


The Global Marketplace for Specialty Foods


How Foraged is Transforming Food

We make wild and specialty foods more accessible by enabling you to purchase hard-to-find foods directly from small-scale farmers and certified foragers. They list it, you buy it, it’s shipped right to your door — with unmatched traceability. You can also shop locally!

Buying directly from producers supports small businesses and creates jobs. Plus, Foraged sellers uphold the highest standards of sustainability and ethical agricultural practices, so you’re supporting the positive transformation of the food system.

Foraged helps farmers and foragers grow their businesses by connecting them with customers worldwide while offering them powerful tools to make the sales process seamless. Chefs and food enthusiasts benefit too, getting exclusive access to ingredients previously unavailable to them.

Foraged is transforming food by enabling food to go from Forest-to-Table, which improves food quality, sustainability, and traceability.

Be specific...

Please put the amount that you have (in pounds, oz, bottles, other units etc) in the description and in the Inventory section. This helps buyers know how much you have right away and makes them more inclined to buy your product.

Please have a PER UNIT pricing for all mushrooms. Buyers don’t have time to negotiate and will not buy from you if you don’t put this information. For example: $30/pound or $12/ounce.

Lastly, please include the shipping price in your product price if you don’t want to set up shipping. Foraged has a flat rate of $7.99 for shipping if you choose not to setup your shipping for your store. Buyers are not responsible for paying you an additional price for shipping unless specified.

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