The Foraged Story

Why We Started and Where It's Going


The Forager/Farmer

Certified mushroom forager.
Professional nature photographer.
Steward of the environment.

Andy is a passionate wilderness enthusiast, professional nature photographer, freelance website developer and certified mushroom forager.  Though he was legally allowed to sell the wild mushrooms he picked on his private property around Asheville, he had no outlet to sell his wild mushrooms and mushroom products. He and his friends in the foraging community sometimes go to farmers markets to sell, but that requires a lot of time, energy, and physical cost. Others like them occasionally try to sell to restaurants, but the networking and sales efforts required are prohibitively high and not always rewarding – the system is broken. Andy had an honest goal – to build close connections with others and share his wonderfully wild harvests with the community – both near and far. As a full-time website designer/engineer – he knew there had to be a better way to execute this dream.

Frustrated as a seller, Andy quickly realized a fundamental issue: foragers face a problem trying to sell their goods because it’s difficult to find customer outlets to sell into, and the process requires significant effort.


The Culinary Enthusiast

Sustainability professional.
Passionate cook.
Farm to table advocate.

Jack is passionate about cooking — despite his lackluster NYC apartment kitchen. He, like millions of others, has been trying to reduce the amount of red meat he consumes as a means of helping the environment and exploring new substitute ingredients. Mushrooms are his top choice for meat alternatives. He quickly grew tired of the portobello mushrooms offered at his grocery, though, and sought new varieties of mushrooms to cook with. Even though he was willing to search, he struggled to find them. Jack is a sustainability professional and seeks to live a sustainable lifestyle – part of which involves knowing where his food comes from. Living in NYC, it’s nearly impossible to make connections to individual food producers and purchase their ingredients directly.

Frustrated as a buyer, Jack quickly realized a fundamental issue: culinary enthusiasts face a problem trying to purchase specialty mushrooms from traceable sources because no readily available outlets exist. 

Our solution:

A community marketplace that enables people to share their love of creating and enjoying specialty foods.

What we are

Foraged is the marketplace for mushrooms.

It’s home to a world of wild mushrooms, cultivated gourmet mushrooms, mushroom growing supplies, mushroom supplements and products, and enriching experiences.

We are nature lovers, passionate foragers, hard-working farmers, and culinary enthusiasts.

Foraged cares about our planet’s health and our personal health.


What we do

We make mushrooms more accessible by facilitating direct sales between mushroom producers and consumers via the Foraged marketplace.

Foraged widens market access for farmers and foragers by expanding their potential customer base. Consumers and chefs benefit too, gaining access to ingredients previously unavailable to them.

At the same time, Foraged improves quality, sustainability, and traceability by enabling food to go from farm (or forest) to table by connecting consumers directly to producers.

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